Get to know our club...

Is your club a member of the Nebraska State Soccer Association? Yes. We did not cut corners. We respect the club formation rules set by the Nebraska State Soccer Board and have been working within them for timely club approval, which we recieved in March 2021. Use this Club Finder Tool to search approved clubs state-wide. 

Do fees paid stay local? Absolutely. Fees fund league entry, training supplies, coach education, field rental, etc. None of your fees leave Lincoln and there are zero administration or franchise fees in the operation of 402 Development Academy. The structure of the club is supported by a non-profit corporation, Team 402, which is comprised of volunteer experts invested for the sole purpose of ensuring all kids have access and opportunity to play.

Explain your "For the love of the game..." contract? In Nebraska, once an athlete signs with a soccer club that athlete's head coach can deny that player access to train anywhere outside of said club for an entire year. We will NEVER deny an athlete an opportunity to get better. We believe our athletes should be given every opportunity to play. 402 Development Academy athletes can play anywhere, anytime, without permission...because we exist for the success of youth athletes. This gives power back to athletes and their families, where it should be.